About us

Villa Golubinka is located in the bay Golubinka on the south side of the island of Hvar, right by the sea. The villa of 92 m2 has been completely renovated. The exterior is built in the original stone architecture, while the interior of the villa is a combination of handmade wood, stone and Slavonian tiles, fully adapted to the modern way of life.
The 130,000 square meters of untouched nature that surrounds this private property also offers a beautiful panoramic view of the sea.
The villa is three kilometers away from the main road and the access road is gravel. For this purpose, next to the villa we have an off-road vehicle that guests can use during their stay. In addition to the vehicle, guests can use a boat with a 5 hp engine (fuel for the vehicle and the boat is not included in the price), and a jacuzzi.